Common Pug Health Problems

When you are going to have your own Pug puppy, it is best to get it at a reputable breeder so you will be certain that the Pug that you will get is not prone to the usual Pug health problems. Moreover, some Pug could well be afflicted with a breed related health conditions, so acquiring a Pug through a reliable source will, at any rate help to lessen the risks.

Some health problems that your Pug could have if not given proper care are:

1. Skeletal problems like the hip dysplasia, inter-vertebral disk disease and patellar laxation.
2. And because Pug dogs have small pushed in face that crease, he may likely suffer from not being able to breathe normally, particularly when the climate is muggy or hot. Hence, he should be in a location that is neither too hot nor too cold.

Common Pug health problems that you must always check for symptoms include:

1. Colitis
2. anal sacs
3. ear infection
4. flea bite allergy
5. conjunctivitis
6. lameness
7. cataracts
8. skin problems
9. inter-digital cysts
10. tonsillitis
11. eye lid and eyelash problems
12. Pug dog encephalitis

Additionally, there are still other Pug health problems that you should be concerned about, they also have this legs related problem called slipped stifles and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

A more acute Pug health problem is the severe ear infections. Symptoms of ear infection include extreme head shaking and scratching. By inspecting the ears once in a while for any swelling, redness or moisture will help you detect this serious problem early and give him proper treatment. Another one is the Tracheal collapse, this disease make the Pug’s windpipe to narrow and you will know if he has this when you notice the following: choking, raucous breathing, and coughing.

Lastly, the eye syndrome is considered the most common health problem that any Pug dog could have. This disease can possibly even blind a Pug, this happens when his tear production in the eyes has decreased. Without a doubt, this is the most serious case that must be given attention at once and which must be complemented with the correct Pug care too.