Pug Care

The Pug is a wonderful family pet, but like any other type of pet, there are some special Pug care considerations that you should know before you bring one home. This member of the Toy Dog Breed is a petite, silky-coated breed of dog with an Asian origin. They have a snugly coiled tail and broad flat creased muzzle. They need to be kept indoors as they cannot tolerate extreme hot or cold, but since they are quite small they make a great city or apartment pet.

Because Pugs are exceptional breeds, they need special care.

1. Your Pug puppy must be taken to a veterinarian several occasions during the first year for shots, check-ups, and boosters. As he turned adult the following year, you should take your dog to the veterinarian each year for shots and checkup.
2. Part of your Pug care routine must consist of checking the Pugs for any eye injuries, skin allergies, heart disease, and breathing problems. There are still other diseases that can strike your Pug puppies and if you observed any symptoms of any diseases, consult your veterinarian right away.
3. Brush your Pug puppies’ teeth at least two times per week using a toothbrush and toothpaste especially made for dogs. Brushing will help in taking away the accumulated calculus and plaque that can bring about periodontal disease and cavities. Dog periodontal disease may cause bad breath, pain, loss of teeth, and other risky diseases. Avoid giving him sweets.
4. Inspect the Pug’s toenails for growth and cut them regularly.

One vital activity in caring for Pug puppy is grooming. The fur of Pug is short, smooth, glossy, and fine. Clean their face creases regularly as well as brush their coat often. Brushing will keep the puppy’s coat healthy and clean. Also, avoid putting him in places with carpets or mats.

Providing the appropriate Pug care for your new furry friend will help keep him healthy and happy as well as ensure you have your new pet with you for many years to come. To find out more about how to care for and train Pug Dogs CLICK HERE.