Pug Personality Traits

A little pug can be one of the warmest dogs that a person may ever own. A typical Pug personality is one that is fun and friendly, they can be extremely good natured, showing an abundance of affection to their owners and the people regularly in their life. Additionally, these little dogs can be very open and receptive to strangers and other dogs, showing a very open attitude toward meeting new people.

While a pug may have a mind of its own and be stubborn at times, with firm obedience training, this will no longer be a problem. The pug is devoted to its owner, often showering them with love at every opportunity. This breed is a great choice for people who have children who want a family pet which will be affectionate and gentle.

The energy level of a pug can vary greatly. These dogs are often praised for being both energetic and mellow as their attitudes will change depending on their surroundings. While in a high-energy situation, these dogs will be very energetic and playful, in a more subdued setting, the dogs will be more laid-back. The more that one of these dogs is around a certain type of setting, the more likely that this pug will turn out like that environment.

It is a typicaly pug personality traing to spend a great deal of the day sleeping. This will stop the dog from getting into too much trouble, which can be a great benefit to people who work often. Their dogs will be happy to see them during the times when they are home and will remain mellow in the other periods.

Like most dogs, pugs do like to chew things, which can be a problem. This can be easily solved, however. If a pug is given plenty of chew toys, their attention will be devoted more to those toys and less toward other items. With enough firm training, however, these dogs will know what items are off-limits to them and will grow into responsible pets.

A pug needs a lot of attention to stay happy, meaning that this is a dog which needs to be included as part of the family which is easy to do considering the friendly and loving pug personality. Failing to do this can result in the dog acting out and potentially causing problems. With enough attention, however, a pug can become a well-trained and enjoyable pet for any family. It will be an intensely devoted pet to its owners and will always be happy to show warmth and love to all the members of its family.