Pug Throats Most Common Problem

There are many diseases associated with pugs because of their unique appearances. Some common health problems among pugs are pug dog encephalitis, respiratory diseases, and leg and bone defects. Some of these are genetically acquired at birth while others are obtained while growing up. For this article, focus will be given to the pug throats’ most common problem called elongated soft palate.

Pugs have a unique face shape that caused an elongation in the soft palate—the back of the throat that a pug can stretch longer than what is normal and makes air passage difficult. Because of the constriction in the throat where air passes, you will sometimes hear your pugs wheezing or producing some funny sounds while breathing. It also causes coughing and snoring which some people find disturbing.

As a pug owner, you should not let your pug exercise too much or they will have difficulty breathing which is a common problem with pug throats. You will find them gasping for breath. This is not good because it can cause acute problems with respiration and even heart attack which is fatal.

Also, pugs tend to play too much because it is in their nature. It is up to you to monitor their play time to make sure that they do not overexert themselves and that they will have enough time to rest and relax.

Fortunately, this common pug throats condition is treatable. You can ask for an animal surgeon to shorten the soft palate. This process will be very good for your pug since it will add more years to its life. It is also best to consult a vet before the condition gets worse.