The Chinese Pug

Often times, people refer to the Pug dog as the Chinese Pug which is probably because the breed is thought to have originated in China in 400 BC. Breeds of dogs today are quite extensive and they all differ in almost every way, form and shape. One type of breed of dogs that is truly amazing is the pug. A lot of people know very little or nothing at all about pugs, but they are really a lovable kind of pet who are very loyal and can keep you company.

Pugs originally came from China were they held a revered spot on the lap of the Chinese Emperors back to the time of dynasties. This practice is depicted in various portraits of Chinese Emperors which shows them sitting on their thrones with the two pugs by their side.

Presently, there are several types of pugs and a lot of people know only about the white pug which is very common and black pugs. But there is still another type of pug which are not very well known, they are called the Chinese pug. This pug is actually very similar to the Western pug but people usually refer to them as the Chinese pug since it is their correct name.

So, how do you describe a Chinese Pug? A Chinese pug has a specific look that is absolutely different from the other types. Firstly, the snout of a Chinese pug is typically more reduced into its face than the common pug. However, this can result to breathing difficulties afterwards. In general, this type of pug is categorized as being much burlier than usual, with short body and legs.

Although their build is usually stocky, you must be very cautious about their diet, make sure that they are not over fed as their lifespan will be shorter that what they are supposed to.

Like other types of Pugs, the Chinese requires proper grooming, feeding and health care. Pugs actually have special needs that are not universal to other breeds. To find out more about how to care for Pugs as well as some of their special dietary and training needs – Click Here!