Types Of Pug Dogs

What types of pug dogs are there?  The breed is really only one type but within that breed are all kinds of different dogs that are as unique as different people are. 

Pugs are popular dogs because they are probably one of the best toy dog companions for humans, if not the best. And the good news is, there are many different kinds of pugs which you can buy from breeders. The general classifications of pug are based on the personality and appearances. Here are some types of pug dogs based on these categories.

•    Personality. The personality of pug dogs depend on the gender. Female pugs are less likely to follow you around wherever you go, compared to male pugs. Male pugs are more dependent to the owner, and sometimes their dependence could get a little annoying. Females will do whatever they want to do, whether they are with you or not.

For both genders, they are very playful and active. They love taking for walks because they have to keep their muscular bodies in shape. However, pugs are still notorious for being overweight.

•    Appearance. Pugs have four types based on colors—black, fawn, apricot and silver. The two major types are black and fawn. Some people choose their pets based on colors, whether they will enter their pets in competitions or they just want to keep the pug as a pet. Pugs have short furs and a shiny and smooth coat. They also shed hairs which makes it important to consider this characteristic before you acquire a pug. Pugs have wrinkles on their faces, small noses, and huge, bulging eyes. Some said pugs are very ugly that’s why they are very cute.

These are some of the types of pug dogs you will run into on your search for the favourite pug.